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The 5th International Conodont Symposium (ICOS 5) was hold in Wuhan, China, 24-27 June 2022

 1st Circular ICOS5 2022.pdf      

  ICOS 5 Abstract book & meeting program-2022.pdf

Oral Presentation Video Records

Alexandre Assemat- 3D topography as tool for shape discrimination of conodont elements 2022-06-25_08_Alexandre Assemat.mp4

Annalisa Ferretti- To be or not to be a conodont. The controversial story of Pseudooneotodus and Eurytholia 2022-06-25_01_Annalisa Ferretti.mp4

Ana Karina Scomazzon- Conodonts as useful tools for the paleogeographic and paleoclimate evolution of the Brazilian intracratonic Paleozoic basins, Western Gondwana 2022-06-25_13_Ana Karina Scomazzon.mp4

Ayşe ATAKUL ÖZDEMİR- Conodont biostratigraphy of the upper Frasnian-lower Famennian deposits in the Istanbul-Zonguldak Terrane, NW Turkey: Evidence for the Upper Kellwasser Event 2022-6-26_04_ Ayşe Atakul Özdemir.mp4

Bryan Shirley-Quantify conodont crystals 2022-06-25_02_Bryan Shirley.mp4

Carlo Corradini- The redefinition of the Devonian/Carboniferous Boundary: state of the art 2022-6-27_02_Carlo Corradini.mp4

Charles M. Henderson-Evolution on my mind: Lower Permian Sweetognathus lineages 2022-6-27_11_Charles M. Henderson.mp4

Chunling Xue-Phylogeny of the conodont family Anchiganathodontidae, Sweetognathidae and Idiognathodontidae from Carboniferous to Triassic 2022-6-27_03_Chunling Xue.mp4

Cristopher Barnes-On a piece of phosphate: conodont data revealing climate-ocean-tectonic changes and events 2022-6-27_12_Christopher Barnes.mp4

Elena Kirilishina-Conodonts in the exposition of Russian museums 2022-6-27_01_Elena Kirilishina.mp4

E. Kristal Rueda- Middle Floian conodont diversity: a comparison between the Precordillera and the Cordillera Oriental of Argentina 2022-06-25_06_Kristal Rueda.mp4

Gonçalo Silvério-The Conodont Database (ConoData): a guide to conodont systematics 2022-6-27_04_Gonçalo Silvério.mp4

Hanxiao Li-Comparative study of Upper Permian to Lower Triassic conodonts and carbon isotope records from Qinling and the South China Block 2022-6-26_10_Hanxiao Li.mp4

Isabella Leonhard-The coniform conundrum: insights into the form and function of the Panderodus apparatus 2022-06-25_11_Isabella Leonhard.mp4

James Day- Upper Devonian Conodont Record of Kellwasser Extinction Intervals and the Frasnian-Famennian Stage Boundary in Central North America 2022-6-26_05_James Day.mp4

Jianfeng Lu- The first discovery of Lochkovian (Lower Devonian) conodonts in central Guangxi, South China 2022-6-26_02_Jianfeng Lu.mp4

Jinyuan Huang-Middle Triassic conodont feeding apparatus from the Luoping, China, and its significance 2022-06-25_10_Jinyuan Huang.mp4

Kui Wu-A late Early Triassic shallow marine conodont community from the Yinggou section of the Nanzhang-Yuanan Fauna, Hubei Province, South China 2022-6-27_07_Kui Wu.mp4

Shuang Liu - Synchrotron-aided reconstructions of the ozarkodinid conodont apparatuses, Scythogondolella and Hadrodontina, from the late Smithian (Olenekian, Early Triassic) of East China 2022-06-25_09_Shuang Liu.mp4

Shun Muto-Cisuralian to Guadalupian(early to middle Permian)conodont from a deep-sea siliceous succession in the Jurassic accretionary complex of Northeast Japan: Implications on conodont biofacies of pelagic Panthalassa 2022-6-26_06_Shun Muto.mp4

Shunling Wu-Integrated biochemostratigraphy of the Permian-Triassic boundary beds and Lower Triassic succession in the Baoshan Block, WestYunnan, southwest China 2022-6-26_07_Shunling Wu.mp4

Wyatt Petrychen-Parallel Evolution in the Dental Elements of Sweetognathus Conodonts 2022-06-25_12_Wyatt Petryshen.mp4

Yanlong Chen-Early Triassic seawater temperatures recorded by conodonts from Oman

Yan Chen- Conodonts from the Olenekian-Anisian boundary interval, Youping, South China, with discussion on the primary index in the recognization of the base of Middle Triassic. 2022-6-26_11_Yanlong Chen.mp4

Yuping Qi-Conodont assemblages across the Kasimovian-Gzhelian boundary (late Pennsylvanian) in South China and implications for the selection of the stratotype for the base of the global Gzhelian Stage 2022-6-27_06_Yuping Qi.mp4

Zhongyang Chen-Uppermost Katian (Ka4, Upper Ordovicaian) conodonts in South China 2022-06-25_04_Chen Zhongyang.mp4

Poster of the  ICOS 5, Wuhan, China, 24-27 June 2022

1,Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek & Bogdan Jurkovšek- CONODONTS OF SLOVENIA ICOS - Conodonts of Slovenia - poster.pdf

2,Tea Kolar-Jurkovšek et al.- Permian-Triassic biofacies of the Teočak section, Bosnia and Herzegovina ICOS - Teočak - poster.pdf

3,Andrey V. Zhuravlev- Numerical modeling of the local variations in Palaeozoic pelagic ecosystems based on C-isotope composition of conodont elements Zhuravlev_poster.pdf

4,Sana Mohaghegh et al.-Conodonts fauna of upper Cambrian-Lower Ordovician boundary interval from Shirgesht Formation, North of Tabas, East-Central-Iran  Hadi Jahangir. Iran.pptx

5,Yong Yi Zhen et al.-Origination of the ramiform—pectiniform apparatuses in conodonts — New evidence from the Lower Ordovician of South China and Australia S1-ICOS_poster_ZhenYY_print.pdf

6,Catherine Girard et al.- A matter of size: Palmatolepis and Polygnathus through the Famennian


7,Rezeda Ch. Tagarieva and Olga V. Artyushkova-The Lower Famennian conodont zonation in the Southern Urals’ carbonate sections  Tagarieva_Artyushkova_Russia_Poster.jpg

8,Wu Guichun et al.- The Upper Triassic deposits of the west Bangong-Nujiang Suture Zone (BNSZ) and their palaeogeographic implications Wu Guichun.pptx

9,Qiangwang Wu et al.- Biostratigraphic record of The Carian/Norian Boundary conodonts and  Qiangwang Wu-poster-pdf.pdf

radiolarians from Pizzo Mondello Section (Western Sicily, Italy)

10,Felipe Medeiros et al.- A Macroevolutionary Approach of Idiognathodus ssp. Gunnel, 1931 (Conodonta) at Pennsylvanian in Amazonas Basin. Medeiros et al_POSTER_5 ICOS_2022.pdf