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Pander Society Medallists

Pander Society Medallists

The Pander Medal is inaugurated for senior conodont workers whose contributions to the study of conodonts had been truly outstanding.

The Hinde Medal, was inaugurated for young conodont workers who have made a particularly significant contribution in the early part of their career. Later, a decision has been taken by the Medals Committee to limit the award of Hinde medals to people not more than 35 years old. Each nomination for a Medal should be supported by a curriculum vitae as well as a list of publications together with information about their PhD topic.

All the Pander Society members can submit their nomination to the three members of the Medals Award Committee at any time.

Pander Medal:

John W. Huddle (1975)

Samuel P. Ellison, Jr. (1977)

William M. Furnish (1977)

Heinz Beckmann (1980)

Walter C. Sweet (1985)

Willi Ziegler (1988)

Anita G. Harris (1991)

Carl B. Rexroad (1992)

Gilbert Klapper (1995)

Maurits Lindström (1996)

Raymond L. Ethington (1998)

Stig M. Bergström (2001)

Klaus Müller (2003)

Richard J. Aldridge (2006)

Lennart Jeppsson (2006)

Peter von Bitter (2009)

Christopher Barnes (2009)

Pierre Bultynck (2013)

Anita Löfgren (2013)

Charles A. Sandberg (2013)

Walter Youngquist (2013)

David L. Clark (2014)

Peter Carls (2017)
Viktor Maslov & Olga Artyushkova (2017)

Mike Orchard (2017)
Chengyuan Wang (2017)

Hinde Medal:

Mark A. Purnell (2006)

Sachiko Agematsu (2009)

Maria Giovanna Corriga(2014)